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Critique Guidelines

As a Christian based community, WBCW meetings begin with prayer. All manuscripts and submissions for critique must not contain foul language or explicit sexual material.

Critiques are done through a process of peer review. Written pieces may be fiction or non-fiction, articles, chapters of a book, devotional, or poetry. Bring submission printed out along with at least eight copies for peer review and feedback during the meeting. Your critique submission should not be longer than eight pages (double spaced, 12 pt font) in the appropriate format for your submission type. One person from the group will read your submission aloud. Critiquing will begin once the reader has finished.

Giving and Receiving Critique
We are here to help each other grow as writers and learn from others' suggestions and our own mistakes. You may not always agree with your critiquer's opinion. Listen graciously and without defensiveness. Form your writer's armor. Editors will concern themselves about your self-esteem far less than your fellow writers so consider your critique group a training group.

Always find something positive to say first about the piece you are critiquing, then follow with suggestions, and finish with another positive statement. Remember to be kind and gracious. Critique as you would want to be critiqued. Even the most experienced writer benefits from a new point of view and successful authors are those who listen and learn from their peers.