Who We Are

        West Branch Christian Writers is a local group of professional and aspiring freelance writers located in Pennsylvania.  Started about 1980 by Eileen Berger and her sister Lois Swartz, in 1990 the organization took on the name, which reflects both its purpose and the region from which it draws members.  The organization’s goal is to encourage the creation and publication of writing from a Christian perspective, in all styles and genres.  Currently members come from widely spread parts of the West Branch Valley: Sullivan, Lycoming and Columbia counties.


What We Do

    Significant benefits of membership are the monthly critique sessions, networking with other writers and market updates.  WBCW has helped many beginning writers make the transition to professional publication. 


    West Branch Christian Writers are featured in the Christmas issue of the Williamsport SunGazette, which the group has been doing since 1999.  All active members have the opportunity to submit manuscripts critiqued by the group for publication in the special insert.


Publishing Credits

    More than 165 periodicals have published articles, poems or fiction written by members of the group.  West Branch writers have placed books with publishers such as Guideposts, Tyndale House, and others. WBCW periodically offers one-day conferences featuring well-known authors and editors from popular Christian and general market publications. As of 2015 WBCW also hosts a book festival to bring authors and readers together to promote literacy.

WBCW is open to anyone with a serious interest in writing for publication. The group offers opportunities to present manuscripts-in-progress for group critique.